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Terms of Service

Art. 1. The service provided by the Provider to the user includes the following:
1.Provision of free space on a server supplier, which user has the right to publish and share with others information on the Internet.
2.Provide access to the administrative panel for publication, processing and disposal of information provided to the shared space.
3.Enabling the use of electronic mail.
4.Provision of service parameters, selected according to user subscription plan.
5.Provision of technical support services.
Art. 2. (1) The supplier shall provide the users use the Service in accordance with the relevant parameters selected by the user subscription.
(2) provides the Service Provider in the good faith, reasonable and accepted in practice and consumption. Provider announces indicative list of fraudulent use and technical limitations of software and service in politics.
(3) In case of detecting deviations from benefit under par. 2 supplier may temporarily or permanently reduce or stop providing the service.
Art. 3. (1) The supplier shall provide services for remuneration payable by the user according to his chosen subscription plan.
(2) Information on the different subscription plans is available at http://24hoster.net/
Art. 4. (1) The user pays the price of the service at the beginning of each subscription period.
(2) The provider shall acknowledge receipt of the payment by activating the service.
(3) The user has the right within 30 calendar days to withdraw from the use of the service, and to terminate the contract without notice and without giving any reason.
(4) In the cases under par. 3 suppliers recover user paid amount for service.
(5) In the cases under par. 3 are not recoverable amounts do not comply with the rules, or paid for services carried out by a single supplier and have already been carried out. For such services, as: website development, system administration and others.
(6) In the cases under par. 3 Contractor shall be entitled to deduct from the refund amount, the value of all fees and commissions paid by the supplier, which are directly related to the provision of service to the user and the return of the amount paid by User.
(7) In the cases under par. 3, when the user has received some form of additional benefit that is associated with tangible and intangible costs of the supplier is entitled to reimbursement of the User to deduct the cost of a given subject, the amount to be recovered, and the cost of all expenses incurred in connection with the provision of services and not included in the service description. For additional benefits are considered gifts promotions provided additional package of free services, promotional advertising credits, cash bonuses and more.
Art. 5. (1) In order to use the service user should establish a password chosen by him for remote access.
(2) The password for remote access is determined by the user by means of online registration on the website of the Provider according to procedure referred to there.
(3) In making the data and pressing the "Yes, I accept" and "Registration", the user declares that he is familiar with these terms and conditions, agreed with their content and unconditionally undertakes to respect them.
(4) The provider confirms the user registration by sending a mail on the user of an electronic mail address at which data is sent and activation of registration. After activation creates a user account and between him and supplier contractual relations arise.
(5) Upon registration user is obliged to provide accurate and current data. The user commits a change promptly update the data referred in his registration.
Art. 6. (1) The provider provides the user access to the administrative panel for remote use of the Service.
(2) The user has the right to manage the service only provided by the Supplier administrative panel and standing with the supplied name and password.
(3) The user is entitled to remote access only to the separate space for it on the provider's server.
Art. 7. (1) The user has the right to share information with its recording of the supplied Provider of space on a server connected to the Internet.
(2) The provider provides connectivity to the Internet server and availability of technical equipment within the selected tariff plan.
(3) The user has the right to store information on separate space for it on the server and via special software, only as far as this does not affect the functioning and security of the server.
Art. 8. (1) The provider provides the user the option of using private e-mail service.
(2) The user can use e-mail service within the parameters of their chosen subscription plan.
Art. 9. (1) The user has the right to use the Service in good faith and purpose.
(2) When using the service, the user should not use software, scripts, programming languages or technologies that could create difficulties in its use by other users.
(3) the user is using technology and design their sites in a way that is in accordance with modern requirements for security, functionality and efficiency. Created by the user sites using the service should not create server load, which exceeds the normal practice is adopted and consumption of "Shared Hosting".
(4) The user shall not use the Service for creating and providing of Internet games. Internet game within the meaning of this article is organizing promotions, quizzes and similar such activities.
(6) The user undertakes not to use the service as follows:
Publication, dissemination or by any means, data, messages, text, computer files or other material that would contravene applicable foreign laws, these conditions, the Internet ethics or morals and who violate the rights of third parties such as: Copyright or related rights, trademarks, patent or other intellectual property rights, title and any other material or moral rights or legitimate interests of third parties. Representing commercial, personal or professional secrets or other confidential information. Publication, dissemination or provision of software or other computer files that contain viruses or other risk programs or components. For publication or transfer of pornographic and illegal materials. Posting data, messages, text, computer files or other materials containing a threat to life and physical integrity of human promoters discrimination preaching fascist, racist or other anti-democratic ideology whose content violates the rights or freedoms under the laws of international regulations calling a forcible change of the constitutional order, the commission of a crime, etc.
(7) The user agrees to not use the Service to send unsolicited mail - "spam". Violation of this requirement is grounds for suspension of the service provided, for which provider notify the user. In repeated action Provider has the right to unilaterally terminate the service without notice.
Art. 10. (1) The user provides own equipment to access the Service and its management.
(2) The provision of services include the provision of domain name.
Art. 12. (1) In order to enhance the quality of service, perform maintenance, troubleshooting and other related activities, the supplier may temporarily restrict or suspend the service.
(2) In the cases under par. 1, the supplier is obligated to promptly reimburse the provision of the service after dropping out of the fact that the reason for the suspension.
Art. 13. (1) The supplier shall provide technical support for users of the service, according to the user subscription plan.
Art. 14. (1) The provider shall take measures to protect the privacy of the user under the Law on protection of personal data.
Art. 15. (1) At any time before, during or after the provision of the Service Provider has the right to require the user to identify himself and to verify the authenticity of any of the advertised during registration circumstances and personal data.
(2) In the event that for any reason user has lost or forgotten their username and password, the provider may apply announced "Procedure for lost or forgotten names and passwords", available at.
Art. 16. (1) The present terms and conditions can be changed by The Provider, for which the latter will inform all users of the service.
(2) The Provider and The User are agreed that every supplementing and amending of these terms and conditions will be effective to The User after his express notification from The Provider and if The User does not declare in his provided term of 14 days that he is rejecting them.
(3) The User is agreed that all statements of The Provider in connection with the amendment of the terms and conditions will be sent to the e-mail adress, indicated by The User in the registration form for using the service. The User of the service is agreed that the e-mails, sent under this article does not need to be signed with a digital signature to have action against him.
Art. 17. The Provider publishes these terms and conditions at http://24hoster.net/ with all the supplementing and amending in them.
Art. 18. The contract for providing the service is terminated: With expiry of the contract according to the selected from The User period of subscription plan termination or declaration of liquidation or declaration in insolvency of one of the sides by mutual agreement of the sides in writing with objectively impossible of one of the sides of the contract to perform duties in seizure or sealing equipment by public authorities in cases of art. 9, p. 6 of these terms and conditions.
Art. 19. The Provider has the right in his discretion without giving prior notice and without compensation to terminate the contract in case he found the provided services are used in violation of these terms and conditions, policies, adopted by The Provider, generally accepted moral norms or rules for the use of the "Shared Hosting".
Art. 20. (1) In case The User terminates early the contract, The User owes The Provider penalty in the amount of compensation due for the remaining period of the contract.
(2) If The Provider received the entire amount of the period of the contract, remuneration, which is paid by The User is being accepted for compensation for The Provider for early contract termination.
(3) In case the contract is being early suspended by the Provider due to failure to fulfill the obligations of The User, the latter owes The Provider penalty in the amount of compensation due for the remaining period of the contract.
Art. 21. In case of failure to fulfill the obligarions of The User for the provision of services, The Provider has the right of penalty in the amount of compensation due for the remaining period of the contract.
Art. 22. In case of recepit of a complaint bu a third person for using the service in violation of laws, moral rules or provisions of these terms and conditions, the sides agree that The Provider may temporarily restrict the provision of the service or access to the information of The User to clarify the case.
Art. 23. The User undertakes to indemnify and discharge The Provider in lawsuits and other claims of third sides (whether justified or not) for all damages and exprenses (including attorneys fees and costs) arising from or in connection with (1) failure of any of its obligations under this contract, (2) breach of copyright, producing, broadcasting rights or other intellectual or industrial property rights and (3) the unlawful transfer to other persons of the rights granted to the user, the duration and condition of the contract.
Art. 24. The Provider is not responsible in case of impossibility provides connectivity or operation of the equipment over a period of time due to force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the Internet, technical or other objective reasons, including orders of the competent state authorities.
Art. 25. (1) The Provider is not responsible for damages caused by The User to third person.
(2) The Provider is not responsible for pecuniary or non-pecuniary damage in lost profist or damages caused to the user in the process of non-use or use of the service.
(3) THe Provider is not responsible for the time in which service is not provided to the user pursuant to Art. 23.
Art. 26. (1) The Provider is not responsible in case of overcome the security measures of technical equipment through which the service is provided and this results in loss of information, dissemination of information, access to information, restricting access to information, changes to the published sites to The User information and other similar effects.
(2) The Provider is not responsible in case of providing access to information, loss or alteration of data or parameters of the Service as a consequence of false identification to a third person present to the user, if the circumstances can be inferred that this person is the user.
Art. 27. The User and The Provider undertake to protect each others rights, legitimate interests and to protect their trade secrets come to their knowledge in the performance contract and these terms and conditions.
(1) The User and The Provider undertake during and after the period of the contract to not make any public written or verbal correspondence held between them. For public can be considered publication of correspondence in the print and electronic media, internet forums, personal or public websites and more.
Art. 28. In case of contradiction between these terms and conditions in a special contract between The Provider and The User preference shall apply the provisions of the special agreement.
Art. 29. Possible invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions does not invalidate the entire contract.
Art. 30. These terms and conditions enter into force for all Users on 01 January 2015